Transaction 1
Bought 2 Colgate for $3.49 each
Used 2 $1/1 Colgate coupon
Paid $5 and got back $5 ECB
Total: FREE

Transaction 2
Bought Scope Mouthwash for $4.99
Paid: $5 ECB from previous transaction

Total for both: FREE!!!


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4 thoughts on “100% Savings At Cvs! Krazy!”

The Scope has a $4 EB upon purchase. Good job!!!


She did pay $5 OOP, but she forgot to mention that she received $4 ECB for a future purchase from buying the Scope. Soo… In total one dollar for all.


It doesn’t seem to me that both items were free. She actually paid $5 out of pocket that she did not get back.


Yeah. She spent $5.00.

I get that people count rewards as savings on the transaction they earned it on, but you can’t count the reward a second time, especially when budgeting every dollar. I made a huge budgeting mistake doing that on my first haul using rewards. I counted the rewards as savings on one transaction, and applied the rewards to the second transaction. Even though my oop total was spot on, the final savings after rewards and rebates was totally off. And that was the total I used to fit in my budget. Needless to say, I went $30.00 over that week. Lesson learned.