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$100 Worh of School Supplies



2 Charmin Toilet 9pk-1each=$2.00
1 Staples desk calendar=$4.99
2 Sharpie permanent markers-1each=$2.00
1 Dry erase markers=$.50
1 Envelope Pull & Seal=$1.00
1 Staples 3 Hole Punch=$1.00
1 Preferred Scissors=$1.00
4 Sharpwriter mechanical pencils-.25each=$1.00
2 Bic Roundstick pens-.01each=$02
2 Roseart 24ct crayons-.01each=$.02
4 Staples postscript mech. Pencils-1each=$4.00
1 Staples pink erase=$.50
2 Staples glue-.01=$.02
2 Staples multipurpose paper-6.99each=$13.98

15% off(-4.82)=27.21(I thought the 15% would be after the $5off but for some reason this is how the math worked out)


After rebates it only cost me $3.74
*I did the math, before sales and everything it would have cost $100.09
So depending on what total I saved 96-88%

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