1st Transaction:
2 L’Oreal Shampoos and 1 L’Oreal Conditioner. Used 3 $2/1 L’Oreal haircare coupon and used $6 extrabucks from a previous trip.
Received $6 extrabucks.
$0.90 oop

2nd Transaction:
6 Hallmark cards costing $1.99
Used 2 $3/3 Hallmark cards CVS coupon and $6 extrabucks from 1st transaction.
Received $6 extrabucks.
$0.67 oop

3rd Transaction:
3 boxes of Puffs tissues
Used 3 $0.25/1 Puffs tissues coupons
1 Sure deodorant
Used $0.75/1 Sure coupon.
2 Hershey chocolate bars
1 Mountain Dew
Received $1 extrabucks.
(This last transaction didn’t go quite as I had planned)
$0.53 oop

1st Transaction:
4 Revlon Mascaras
Used 4 $5/1 Revlon Mascara coupons and 1 free $5 Target gift card with beauty purchase over $20 insert.
Received $5 Target gift card.
$10.38 oop (would have been $5 less but they missed a coupon when I wasn’t paying attention. Mistake.)

2nd Transaction:
2 Pantene shampoos and 1 conditioner
Used $5/3 Pantene hair product coupon and 40% Pantene cartwheel.
Received $5 Target gift card with promotion.
1 Revlon Mascara
Used 1 $5/1 Revlon Mascara and 1 free $5 Target gift card with beauty purchase over $20 insert.
Received second $5 Target gift card.
$5.33 oop

I decided to spend my $15 in Target gift cards on some extra things I needed rather than save it. That is how I purchased the rest in the photo. BOOM! $105.89 worth of products for $18.17 oop!


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0 thoughts on “$105.89 worth for $18.17 Newbie Haul at CVS and Target!”

Great job! I did this today, my first haul as well. Came out with $150 target products for $11… Going back tomorrow!