Get to Ralphs (Kroger) right away as I do not know how long this is going for. 3 transactions, 3 households with Ibotta and Checkout 51 accounts

3-Souza Tequila sale for $8.99 each
3-Jim Beam Apple sale $8.99 each
Purchase 1 of each and receive an instant credit of $8.00
Submit both to Ibotta for $5.00 each
Submit Souza to checkout 51 for $4.00 each
$4.01 moneymaker on both
Did 3 transactions
$12.03 moneymaker on all 6

Rumhaven sale $10.99
Pinnacle Vodka sale $6.99
Jim Beam Maple sale $8.99
3-Amsterdam Vodka sale $9.99
Received $24 in instant credit ($4.00) each
Ibotta Rumhaven $2.00

All other items free with Ralphs online coupons. Received $2.00 weekend bonus on Ibotta

$15.50 plus taxes for everything


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2 thoughts on “12 Bottles Of Alcohol, Plus More, For Around $15 Plus Tx”



Thank you for this! My family loves Jim Beam Apple!