$117.86 VALUE FOR $20.14 MONEYMAKER!!! Thanks KCL!

Transaction #1:
4 Pantene Shampoos & 4 Pantene conditioners @ $4 each sale price
Used FOUR B1 shampoo G1 conditioner Free
Used Walgreens coupon for 5000 points
Received 27,000 rewards points
= $11 moneymaker

Transaction #2:
1 Schick Extreme 3 @ $7.49 each & 2 Schick Quattro for Women @ $8.99 each
Used THREE $4 MQ
Used Walgreens coupon for 5000 points
Received $10 RR
= $1.53 moneymaker
***Each of these bottles had bonus razors for free! YAY!***

Transaction #3-4:
4 Suave Body Wash @ $6 total (B1G1 50% off sale price)
Used FOUR $0.75 MQ
Received 2,000 points
= $1 total
***Each of these bottles had 50% more free! YAY!***

Transaction #5-8:
4 Suave Shampoos & 4 Suave Conditioners @ $2.29 each clearance price
Used FOUR $3 MQ
Received FOUR $2 RR
=$1.68 moneymaker

Individual transactions:

2 Colgate Enamel Health Sensitive Relief @ $1.13 each clearance price
Received TWO $2.50 RR
= $2.74 moneymaker

4 Colgate Enamel Whitening @ $3.49 each sale price
Used FOUR $2 MQ
Received FOUR $2.50 RR
=$4.04 moneymaker

15 Hallmark Greeting Cards @ $0.99 each
Received FIVE $3 RR
= $0.15 moneymaker

Used TWO $2.50 RR's for the 2 Naked Juice @ $5/2
AND I RECEIVED A CATALINA FOR $5 OFF $25 VALID 11/14 - 11/15, which I plan to use for Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash and some other purchases. I usually don’t like Walgreens because it’s difficult to roll the RR’s, but this trip was worth it and I’ll definitely figure out how to use all those RR’s I just earned. 🙂


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10 thoughts on “$20 Moneymaker for $117 value at Walgreens!”

In your first transaction for the Pantene, you used Walgreens coupon for 5000 points. Is this a coupon you already had? I am fairly new to this and am attempting to duplicate your haul. I believe I have accumulated just over 6000 points and I do have the coupons which are about to expire, so I would like to try to get this. Can you please state how much your oop costs were.


The coupon was on front page of Walgreens ad, but coupon expired 11/10/15. Sorry, you won’t be able to duplicate that exact transaction. I paid $16 OOP and received 27,000 points, making it an $11 moneymaker.

However, KCL does have another transaction that would make it $3 moneymaker. Just search “Pantene” on KCL website and it should lead you to the page with description breakdown.

Have fun!


May I know the SKU for the clearance Colgate toothpaste? Thanks


I don’t know but it was the Sensitive Relief…not Whitening one.


So i’m really new to this and want to try this haul. What does MQ and RR stand for. Please teach me!!!


Mq = manufacturer coupon, found in newspapers or online

Rr = register rewards that walgreens print out after you make your purchase. It’s like cash/store coupon to be used on future purchases.

Good luck! I love these deals because I can either make gift basket or donate to charity!


MQ manufacturer coupon RP Red Plum SS smart source RR rapid rewards


RR = register rewards. 🙂 rapid rewards is southwest airlines’ miles rewards program.


Arleshia, at the top left of this site, click on this: “Welcome to the world’s #1 Coupon Site! New Here? Get Started”. There is all the info you will need to get going couponing. There is a “lingo” tab there that will help with all the abbreviations. Good luck!