6 Toothpaste 6 1/1 q, snacks, formula 3/1 q (13.99 clearance), and 4 eye scandal 4 1/1 q (1.17 and bogo50% clearance) from Walgreens.
Total 9.44

6 Loreal 2 3/1 q and 4 2/1 q, alka seltzer 1.25 peelie, 4 drinks 4 free cvs q, 2 physicians formula from 2 different CVS stores. 3 transactions.
Total: 28.26 MM 9 from Ibotta

Hefty, frigo, and sunscreen from Walmart.
Total 2.88 MM 4.75 from Ibotta

Got super lucky and 4 separate 5 off 15 coupons came out of the register during 2 different transactions. Red coupon machine printed me 4 free drinks up to 2.00 value. Had 2 5 off 15 emails already. Had 2 off 12 Loreal. 2 3 off 10 cosmetics. Got EB back from PF and Loreal. Really cool now they email extra bucks but not cool they expire in a week. OOP 18.00 mostly Walgreens. I have 76.50 to spend in EB and 15 in RR.


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7 thoughts on “21.70 moneymaker. Walmart, Walgreens, CVS”

The hefty deal ended Monday. There was a price match for .99 Hefty products. And I had 2 .50/1 coupons and a .50/1 Ibotta. The ad expired tho.


Aimee what’s the hefty deal


Im sorry but a 5/15 coupon isn’t a money maker.. also in your last paragraph how are you using 2 5/15 coupons when your total wasn’t more than $30 to begin with?


I asked the cashier if it was enough I spent and she said not sure, let’s try it and it went through. I don’t see why they aren’t moneymakers. I can count it now or next week when I use it to Make something 10.00 cheaper for the two I didn’t use. But as long as I use it, it most definitely is a moneymaker somewhere. I already used half of them. And I started the day with 64 extra bucks and left with 76 plus rebates. Also I bought a newspaper in one of the transactions not sure which one anymore and paid with 3 extra bucks but I didn’t see any reason to include it in here since I recycled it already.


Yeah sorry I usually only really break it down in detail if people ask now ever since people can be mean on this site after you are really excited. Nobody I know coupons and my family told me they don’t want to hear about it. So I post these brags to try to keep a record of my expenses and have some support, which is funny because a majority of people’s comments on brags are not supportive at all.

Probably the most confusing is CVS. I had 2 3/1 q in for the extraordinary oil line. And 4 2/1 from the SS insert.

First me and my husband went and got on his card 3 loreals and 1 physicians formula and two drinks. We used 3/1 and 2 2/1 q for Loreal. Had a 3 off 10 for mascara and had CVS coupon for two free drinks (up to 2.00). 2 off 12 Loreal. 5 off beauty. And got an email for 5 off 15 and we used that. So that leaves 5. Used 5 EB 0 oop. Got 13 for the deals and two 5 off 15 just by luck from the register. And Ibotta 4.00 more. So that’s a 24 dollar moneymaker caz I got way more credit than I spent.

Later I went by myself to another CVS and bought on my card a newspaper and physicians formula. I used two 3 off 10 cosmetics. The cashier applied both of them I didn’t ask she just did. Also had the 5 off 15 email. And red machine EB. Pretax 4.00. Used EB 0 oop. Then I got 7 EB and two 5 off 15 print outs again! Making that an 13 MM.

Then 2 transaction I bought 3 Loreal and alka seltzer and two drinks. I used 2 off 12 Loreal. 3/1 q and 2 2/1 q and there was a 1.25 off peelie on that. And I had two free drinks up to 2.00 from the machine. Bringing the total to 12.74. Used the two 5 off 15 coupons. 2 EB. Oop .74. And I got 4.00 from Ibotta and 1.00 saving star automatically.

Mostly I just got lucky 20.00 in EB printed out for no reason at the register. I have 76.50 in my wallet and on the app in CVS credit. I’m guessing extra money happens to everyone occasionally. I’ve gotten 5-10 EB not linked to a promotion on receipts once a month lately.

Do you want more details on Walgreens and Walmart?


Thank you for sharing and taking the time… Gbu


Thanks Nohmi.


I am all kinds of confused by this.