2 Speedstick Gear on sale for $4 each. Used two $2 mfrq. Get $4 ECB ($2 ECB wyb 1, limit 2).

2 Men’s Gillette shaving gel for $3.69 each. Used two $1 mfrq. Get $6 ECB wyb 2 Gillette.

Then added on $5/$15 CVS coupon. Total comes to $4.38 oop. Add $10 ECB, makes $5.62 moneymaker! Woot! Woot!


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3 thoughts on “$5.62 moneymaker at CVS!!!”

None of the shave gel has been triggering the extra bucks where I’m from but the signs are up so they still issue them, was curious if anyone else had this problem?


They had signs up at my cvs saying there was a mistake in the ad, and the promotion did not include shave prep, so I didn’t even want to attempt it to see if it even worked. 🙁