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5 Nexxus Shampoo, Conditioner and Much More for $26.00 Full Size Bottles.


Hi, I’m still learning how to use coupons =) but I believe I got a pretty good deal. I was comparing prices at walmart , cvs and walgreens and all 3 stores basically have the same price, but Walgreens has this buy 1 get 1 half off, so I thought it was pretty good, besides they also have a $2.00 OFF coupon for Nexxus so even better, and on top of that if you buy the conditioner you get a free mousse or hair spray. So at the end I ended up getting 1*  1LT Nexxus Shampoo, 2 Nexxus Conditioner  13.5 oz and 1 FREE 1 free mousse per each conditioner (2 in total), and 1 Nexxus 10oz hair spray. for $26.00. I found it pretty cheap! I went to walmart and just the 1LT shampoo was like $18.00 so yeah I believe I did pretty good, if you’re smarter than me you can also go to the target website and print out 2 Nexxus coupons $3.00 OFF 1 Nexxus product, and you will end up buying more than me for less money. The reason why I didn’t use the coupons is because I never found them, till now. Which is kind of late. The total value for the 5 products was: $74.97 + Tax!! So that’s a $48.97 !!! SAVINGS!!!!! WOW!



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