MFR coupons
Used 2 $3 off pampers
1 $2 off glade products
2 $1.50 off crest mouthwash

and i had a 10 dollar ecb from prev purchase

Cvs coupons (on my cvs card)
1 cvs 10 dollars off 40 dollar purchase
Cvs $1.50 off $5 dollar air freshener product
Cvs 1 $2.00 off healthcare purchase
Cvs 2 $2.00 off 6 dollar mouthwash (scanned twice) i dont know why but thanks cvs!

Got back 3 ecb on air freshener products
And 6 ecb on crest mouth wash 🙂

Yay me total out of pocket was $8.57!!!
And got back 9.00 ECB = FREEEEEE!!!


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One thought on “All this for $8.34 and 9 ECBs back”

Don’t have a computer to print coupons I wish I can link from my phone….any other way I can get coupons please help.. Thanks in advance.