Transaction 1
2 Progresso @ $1.49 each
– used .50 CVS coupon
2 Dawn Platinum @ $.99 each
– used 1 .25/1 IP
4 CVS sparkling drinks @ $.88 each
2 Colgate Total @ $3.39 each
-used 1 $2/1 IP
-used $1/1 IP
-used $2/2 CVS Colgate coupon
1 Crest Pro Health @ $3
1 Crest 3D White @ $3
-used $1/1 Pro Health IP
-used $1/1 3D White IP
– for some reason the $2/2 CVS Colgate coupon also applied for the crest as well 😁
Sure Deodorant @ $1.75
-used .75/1 insert coupon

Used EBT for food and $8 in ECBs which brought my total down to $.60 and got back $10 in ECB!

Transaction 2
2 Salonpas @ $2.87 each

Used $6 in ECB from previous transaction making them free + $5 ECB for buying pain relief!!!

All in all a very good haul for things I actually needed!!


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One thought on “$8 Moneymaker! Love CVS!”

Are you including the $8 in ECB used to pay in trans one as part of your savings? It is hard to tell. I’ve seen people count ECB spending and earning without taking into account the cost to earn the ECB during a previous trip and already counted them as savings, adding it as savings twice. Also, did you include the EBT? Just it doesn’t come from your pocket doesn’t make it free. A moneymaker post, in my opinion, should be one the other people can replicate.