(1) Colgate Total 4oz @ 2.99 SALE save 1.00           Buy 1 R 2 ECB

  Buy $10 Receive 5 ECB

(2) Nivea Soft Moisturizer Cream 6.8 oz @ 7.79

(2) St. Ives Oatmeal and Shea Butter 24oz @ 5.29

-.50/1 MFC on Colgate Toothpaste (coupons.com)
-3.00/2 MRC on Nivea lotion, cream, product (sunday paper)

-10 ECB

-Save $5 off $25 Just for you CVS card
-$4 off $20 In Store Purchase CVS card
-$4 off $15 Select hand body lotion cream CVS Card
-$2 off (2) St. Ives Body wash CVS Card

tax: 1.45
TOTAL: 2.10
 Received: 5 ECB, 2 ECB

Saved: $29.50

Yes, I started out with 10 ECB, but in a way, I received 7ECB back. Had I not had the 10 ECB, I probably wouldn’t have done any of this in the order that I had. I also learned that I need $4.42 left to earn another $5 ECB for the Nivea.  There is a coupon that came out of today’s Redbox for save $10 on $40 Face products. This could count towards that. Anyways, I hope that this helps someone out there.


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Omg it seems so easy..