I scored all this stuff for FREE! I paid $2 OOP and tax. Here’s what I did: I bought four boxes of Post Breakfast Biscuits and used 4 MFR $1/1. I bought 6 packs of BIC Silky Touch razors and used 3 MRF $2/1, which I had to refer the manager to the Dollar Tree Coupon policy (item J) that allows for a coupon amount over $1 to be applied to multiple of the same items in the transaction! And then I bought one Curad guaze and one Tylenol To-Go and submitted both to Mobi Save for $1 each! Like I said, I paid $2.00+tax OOP, then I got back $2 almost immediately from Mobi Save. Making this haul only for .50 (what I paid in tax)! Best part? None of this was planned! Hubby and I just wanted to do something fun, so we went out to Dollar Tree, coupon binder in hand, and saw what we could score!


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3 thoughts on “All this for FREE at Dollar Tree!!!”

Always check the actual store website’s coupon policy!

Per Dollar Tree’s OFFICIAL coupon policy: “We accept coupons for over a dollar on multiple items if the coupon amount does not exceed the combined retail price of the items indicated.”



The way that reads to me is that if u had $2/2 coupon u could use it as it applies to two items and does not exceed the value of both items. But if u had a $3/2 and the items only equaled out to $2 for both that the coupon would be rejected as it exceeds the value of both items. I don’t believe it applies to a scenario where u have a $2/1 coupon and two items. In that case they would only apply the value of that item and u forfeit the remaining value of the coupon.


Dollar Tree doesn’t allow overage on coupons, or they’re not supposed to. They’re supposed to adjust the coupon down to $1. I had a cashier once who didn’t know that and she accepted the $2 off coupons I had, since I didn’t know that either.


From KCL’s Dollar Tree Coupon Policy: Coupons are accepted for over a dollar on a single Item. However, the coupon value will be reduced to the purchase price of the item.