All of this retail @ $60 and I paid just under $10!!!


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2 thoughts on “AWESOME Coupons Trip Today at Target”

Hi can you tell me how you get it for $10? Thanks!


Sure! So, I did the Office Depot school supply deal, but instead of doing the copy paper rebate, I just got sticky notes to cover the $5 minimum to get the penny deals; So that purchase came out to be $7. The Hot Pockets were on sale for $2 and I had a $3 off coupon making them free. At CVS the mento tins were “Buy 2 Get 1 Free.” I had a “Buy 1 Get 1” coupon and a 20% off so I got three mento tins for $2. The shaving cream at CVS is $1.50, and I had a $1 off coupon and $0.50 off coupon making it free!