I went to Rite Aid, Target and Walgreens!!
Paid $20.43 after all coupons, sales, rewards, points, catalinas and rebates!

Rite Aid
(3) Bounty 12pk @9.94 each
(1) Tide @ 5.34
-$10 Huggies Catalina
-(1) $1/2 Bounty
-(1) .25 Bounty
-(1) 2.00 Tide
-2000 Plenti Points
Paid $5.00 after tax…received 500Plenti Points!

I earned 40,000 Balance reward points so I stocked up on toilet paper, Tide, disinfectant spray, snacks, gum and chestal.
After q’s on everything except disinfectant, My total was 54.98…used 50.00 in points
Paid 4.98 submitted Chestal to ibotta for a $5 rebate

I bought 4 Secret Outlast
-used (4) $1/1 secet mfq’s
-used (4) $1/1 Target q’s
Paid 8.37 received $5 Target giftcard

I used the Target giftcard in the next transaction to buy hubby the aftershave he likes.

So oop was $30.43
-got $5 from RA
-got $5 from ibotta
Total of $20.43oop!!
Regular non sale price for all of this would have been $197!!!

Thanks KCL!!!!!


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6 thoughts on “Awesome Haul!!!”

Wow! That was some great buys! Wish I knew how to do it like that, great savings means more money to take vacation trips and fulfilling other wishes. This is bad@$$


Whats secet mfq’s?
Whats catalina?
Im new to wanting to learn couponing and how to do it.
Home mom of 4 set income gets hard
Just found this app today
Also heard u can double with store coupon and manufacture coupon but where can u do that i tried heb no go


“Q” stands for “coupon” …so Mfq stands for manufacturer’s coupon – found in newspapers or online…NOT a store-sponsored or “store” coupon. (“Secret” meant she purchased Secret deodorant with the manufacturer’s coupon)
A catalina is a coupon that the store will print once you’ve met some type of purchase requirement….she would have had this from a previous purchase, which she used on the current purchase.
You can stack a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon to get better savings, but Walgreens requires the # of coupons used be no more than # of items purchased…so you may have needed a cheap “filler” item to add to your purchase.

Go to the top of the KCL page under “Hacks” to learn more about couponing…hope this helps.


What is target q and secret mfqs and how do you get them? New to all this so just leanring. Everything still confusing.


How did u earn that many points at walgreens?


It’s really easy to earn points at Walgreens especially when they have the card deal going on like they did a couple weeks ago where you buy 3 get 3,000 points and at the time it didn’t exclude the .99 cards but last two weeks in the ad it has excluded them. I’m currently over 100,000 points at Walgreens.