The Gap is having a clearance sale right now on baby clothes; 50% off already-reduced merchandise! Details to follow in comments.


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Which gap area code I’ll check it out online


I don’t know how to delete my duplicate post, sorry!

My gap is having an extra 50% off sale on their clearance baby clothes right now. (This sale wasn’t marked in store and I was pleasantly surprised at checkout!) They had a TON of baby girl stuff but I found some really good deals on these boy things, too!

Tan Knit Cardigan:
Retail price: 34.95
Clearance price: 7.97
I paid: 3.98

Bomber Jacket (I LOVE this one!!):
Retail price: 39.95
Clearance price: 22.97
I paid: 11.48

Striped romper:
Retail price: 24.95
Clearance price: 16.99
I paid: 8.49

Denim Button-down:
Retail price: 34.95
Clearance price: 14.99
I paid: 7.49

You can definitely find baby clothes cheaper elsewhere, but I just love baby Gap’s quality and I know I can always resell these for pretty much what I paid for them.

Good luck!