Price matched all these items from office max and target ads that came out today and bought from Staples. Office Max ad had the crayola markers for $.25 a box (limit 3) and the Bic pens $.25 a box (bought 2), and the Sandisk Flashdrive 32gb for $6.99, and the boxes of pencils for $1.00 (bought 2); Target ad had the fiskar scissors for $.99 (I bought both size because as does not specify) and the 6 pack glue sticks for $.99. And then the pencil pouch for $1.00. Total spent was $15.38. Total saved was $38.64


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0 thoughts on “Back to school BAM from Staples”

Did staples allow you to price match the Bic ballpoint bens without any fuss? My staples said I couldn’t because it was “xtra comfort”, which supposedly contradicted the ad.