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Best part of moving so far? A store that doubles!!


I just moved to a large metropolis, and finally can experience savings on food! I was always only able to benefit from Target and Walmart because our grocery stores never doubled coupons. I’m addicted now. Rainbow Foods normally only doubles on Wednesday and Saturday, with a limit of 5 coupons per transaction doubled. Today they ran a special for unlimited amount of coupons doubled. They’re doing this again on Halloween, so I can’t wait to prepare for that trip!! I was prepared to use a lot of these at Target, since they’re next door to the grocery store, but the deals were just as good here with doubles.

A lot of things I had coupons for were sold out by the time I got there since I couldn’t make it until around dinner time.

Here’s what I did score!

4 Kellogg cereals, 4 for $10

  • Used 2 x $1/2 that doubled to $2/2
  • $6 for all 4 cereals, PLUS a store special, buy 4 Kelloggs cereal, receive coupon for free gallon of milk on next purchase!!

4 International Delight coffee creamers, on sale for $1.25

  • Used 4 x $0.55/1, doubled to $1.10
  • $0.15 for each, or $0.60 for all 4

6 Yoplait Simplait yogurts, $0.89 each

  • Used 6 x $0.40/1, doubled to $0.80
  • $0.09 each, or $0.54 for all 5

6 Jello MixIns, $2.00 sale

  • Used 6 x $1.00/1, doubled to $2.00
  • all 6 FREE!!

1 Fillipio olive oil, reg $6.99, on sale for $4.75, 23 oz bottle

  • Used $1/1, doubled to $2
  • $2.75, so excited because it we are out! That’s a great deal for a huge olive oil

2 Dole Pineapple cans, sale for $0.75 each

  • Used $0.50/2, doubled to $1.00
  • $0.50 for both

1 Eggland Best dozen eggs, $2.99

  • Used $0.50/1, doubled to $1.00
  • $1.99

Total after coupons, $12.38 plus coupon for free milk with next purchase!

I also got a raincheck for Suave lotion.  They were having a sale on Suave; every Suave product was $2. I have the $2 coupon from the newspaper, so it’ll be free next time! Shelf clearers hit the store so they were all out. a LOT of things I had coupons for were out, so hopefully they’ll be better stocked by Halloween when they run the unlimited coupons deal again.

I’m SO glad to be able to double coupons. It’s amazing! I can’t wait to bring the creamer to work with me tomorrow and share with the wonderful ladies I work with!! My daughter has already eaten some of the Jello snacks so those won’t last long!

Thanks KCL for all the help figuring my shopping lists out! And especially for the links to find these awesome coupons :)


























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