Target (I already had $5 gc from previous day)
3 loofah for $1.99 and receive $5gc
2 4lb bags of purina dog chow for $4.99 each.
Used b1g1 free coupon which brought it down to $4.99 for both and then used $4 coupon which made it $0.99 for both bags.
Total with tax before coupons and credit was $16.61. I used $5gc and paid $2.27 oop
Cvs- (I had $5 ecb from previous day)
Trans 1- 2 Colgate cavity protection toothpaste multipacks $5.29 regular price. Used 2 $2c and $5 ecb and paid $1.92 oop and got $6 ecb (making it $0.96 each)
Trans 2- 2 Colgate max fresh toothpaste singles $3.49. Used $1/2c and $6 ecb and paid $0.42 (tax only) and received $4 ecb (making it a $3.58mm)
Trans 3- 2 skintimate shave gels for $3.49. Used 2 $1c and $4 ecb and paid $1.40 and received $3 ecb.(making it a $2.60mm)
Trans 4- 2 suave keratin infusion shampoo $3.79. Used 2 $1.50c and $3 ecb and paid $0.36 oop (tax only) and received $2 ecb (making it a $1.64mm)
Trans 5- 2 Irish springs bar soap 3ct $2.49. Used $2 ecb and paid $2.77 oop and received $2 ecb. (Making it $0.38 each)
2 Xtra laundry detergents $1.49 each
4 hefty storage bags $3.99. Used in store coupon and brought price down to $1.99 each and then used $2/3c.
Mitchum deodorant $2.99. Used $1c.
Paid $11.77 oop
Total products before coupons and credits are worth $86.31 and I paid $20.90 oop and received $2 cvs ecb and $5 target gc so a total of $13.90 for almost $90 in products!!!!


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2 thoughts on “My best score yet between target, walgreens and cvs”

Target allows you to use b1g1 free coupons with a dollar off coupon.


You aren’t suppose to use a bogo free coupon with another coupon. The bogo coupon attaches to both items.