So, I’ve been couponing now for almost 2 months. Only making small purchases with little wins. I never paid more than maybe 15 oop per week. But, today I decided to go a little wild. There may have been some coupons i didn’t use, but I was more than okay with my outcome.

What I got:
4 Olay body wash. 2 twin pack toothpaste. 3 Gillette Shave gel. 1 Venus Razor. 2 Old Spice Deodorant. 1 Organic Gummy Worms. 2 Lindt chocolate bars.

My biggest OOP to date. The total was 63.69 after the few coupons i used. I used $10 in balance rewards. Paid $53.69 OOP. But I used my 20x points ticket and got 16800 points back plus $24.50 in register rewards! That’s like paying just over $13! I call that a win!


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4 thoughts on “My Biggest Save Yet at Walgreens”

Just curious, did the balance rewards points for the 20x points multiply the points from just the beauty and personal care purchases? Or the original total cost before coupons? Or the total cost minus the balance rewards points that you used? I can’t figure out how they totalled 16800. If someone can explain, I’d love it.

By the way, awesome job. Couponing can be rewarding, especially when you start to see it freeing up your budget!


Thanks! What it says on my app is this: 5000pts for beauty enthusiast. 590 every day points. 11210pts for beauty enthusiast welcome offer. Hope that helps.


Nice shopping trip !


Nice job! 🙂