Long story short! Cashier forgot to scan coupons, cartwheel, well everything I had as far as savings! Ended in customer services doing the transaction all over again! Did not know I got to keep G.C. Did my transaction paid oop 73.99, again they forgot to use the G.C. I had to apply towards my transaction so I ended with $70 worth of G.C. All I can say is I’m blessed!


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2 thoughts on “Blessings for my little ones–Target!”

Hello India,

Like I mentioned, the cashier scanned everything but did not applied all the coupons I had. Since the transaction was done, she gave me the receipt with the $50 in Gift Cards. I already had $20 in Gift Cards, that I was going to apply towards my transaction. I had a combination of Manufacture coupons, Target Coupons and Cartwheel. I always do a list, but I guide myself with this amazing app! I’m not an expert, I just follow :), I make sure to gather all the coupons following the promotions. My blessing came when in customer service they told me that I had to do the transaction all over again. I was able to use the G.C. that the cashier hand me toward the purchase, plus all the savings in the coupons and cartwheel I had it dropped everything to 73.99, my fault was that again the cashier was doing everything so fast that he took only the G.C. that were given to me at the time and did not take the remaining I had. If not my oop was going to be 53.99 and he still mentioned that I was getting $50 in G.C. back. I can’t go into details of the coupons I had, first they were a couple of them and second cartwheels expires. Just always keep an eye on this app, it really saves you the time and have a great source of information. Have in mind that this is not the only app I use to find the deals. Always google (price match for _____? store and you will find many options :).


Please explain how you did this! Please oh please! Amazing!