CVS: Cottonelle 9 rolls,VIVA 6 rolls, Bounty 12rolls, 8 fructis, 1 silkpure, 4 Always Discreet, 3 pantene,1 galde started kit (raincheck), (Not pictured : 10 pepsi 2 Lt) Did different transactions (the pantene $2/3 coupon did not go thru and the garnier 2off both from CVS) paid 16.75 cash but used 24EB and left CVS with 5,3 should be getting 5 from beauty rewards. Not too bad.

Rite Aid: Used $44.25 in points. So I paid 0 cash. Got 2 20ct basic charmin, 1 16 ct charmin ultra strong, 2 hersheys 6 ct, 1 loreal styler, 1 loreal shampoo, 2 kids purely fun, 2 atkins boxes( for this I had a BOGO coupon, the total for both were 4.51 so it was a MM) not picture 1 gallon of milk. Today I got back $26 in points should be getting the household points for loreal styler,shampoo, charmin and suave purely fun. Also I got 3 catalinas for $1/2 purely fun and 3off mitchu.
Walgreens Not pictured: I went after I took the picture. 5 lays,1 black forest gummies, 2 lollipops and 2 kellogs cereal. I paid 3.46 cash but used points I didn’t know I had (I dont really shop at walgreens except for cheap chips or pictures) did two transactions.

I also submitted to Ibotta and checkout51.


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2 thoughts on “busy morning at Walgreens!”

If you use Savingstar, they allow for use of mfr q on the One or Many deals. You could submit for the Charmin ($5/$20) and the Bounty ($5/25) offers.


Hi, yes I have a savingstar account but dont have it link to my Rite Aid. I did submit the Bounty since I bought it ay CVS but the approval takes a long time. I have shopped at CVS for alot of savingstar deals(my card is linked) but there is only one approved since idk how long :/ I am doing everything the way it is supposed to be done