I purchased 21 hallmark cards at .99 and for every three bought earn 3,000 points. Used my coupon that printed other day spend $20 receive 5,000 bonus points (valid today and Sunday) and used 7 MQ for hallmark cards $2 off for every 3 cards purchased (found on a tear pad). Total paid 8.04 and received 26,000 bonus points!


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2 thoughts on “Card Crazy At Walgreens!”

Is that deal over?


Yes it is. It ended Saturday night as far as the buy 3 hallmark cards and earn 3,000 points. I thought it was going to continue this week when I looked at the ad but in really small print below the same deal as last week it says excludes .99 cards. I’m glad I read the fine print and didn’t jump the gun when I went to Walgreens Sunday night!