Hello couponers! I wanted to share how as a new couponer I saved $53.87 between the days of August 1st-August 3rd, 2016. I started getting interested in couponing literally less than a week ago mainly because I am a college student that is wanting to stretch my money even more, and I figured this would be a good way to start. Now let’s get into the savings!

Monday August 1, 2016
This day I went to Target.

I bought a 12 pack of Viva Paper towels that retail at $18.29
Then used the 10% off Viva paper products cartwheel that took off $1.83
I paid $16.46
I know not a great deal but I had to start somewhere!

Tuesday August 2, 2016
Walgreens was the shop of choice.

I bought 2 pairs of Wet and Wild false lashes that are originally priced at $0.99 each
There is a sale for $0.79 each
There I used a $1/ 2 Wet and Wild products
I paid $0.58 for both pairs

Puffs with Vicks tissue box originally priced at $1.79
There is a sale that made it $0.99
Then I had a $0.50/1 manufacture coupon
I paid $0.74

Chapstick mixstix that is originally priced at $3.49
There is a sale for $1.79
I had a $0.50 off one chapstick manufacturer coupon
I also had a Walgreens $1.00/1 coupon
I paid $0.29

Poise liners original price was $6.29
There are on sale for $5.99
I had a $2.00 off store coupon
I also had a $2.00 off manufacturer’s coupon
I paid $1.99
Then on Ibotta there was a $2.00 rebate for the liner that I took advantage of
Final price: FREE

Wet n Wild Black Mascara priced at $4.99
I had a $1.00/1 Wet n Wild mascara
I paid $3.99
7 Wexford Mini Highlighters priced at $0.14 each
I had a store coupon that was 7/$1.00
I paid $1.00

At the end of my rescrit that was a non described $0.50 off my transaction that I do not remember what the manufacturer coupon was for sorry!

Wednesday August 3, 2016
Today I went to three different stores: CVS, Target, and Walgreens

Crest 3D white toothpaste 3.7 oz originally priced at $3.99
On sale for $3.00
Used my $2.00/1 manufacture coupon
Paid $1.00
CVS then gave me $1.00 in extra care bucks
Final Price: FREE
I also becuase I just signed up for a CVS card when I went to the Redbox machine they gave me $3 in extra bucks for signing up

Two of Annie’s organic Mac and Cheese boxes originally priced at $1.69 each (NOT PICTURED)
On sale for $0.99 each
Used (2) $0.50/1 coupon
Paid $0.98 for both

Two Emergen-C 10 Count packs originally $6.49 each
On Clearance at my store for $4.54 each
Used (2) $1/1 Emeregen-C
Paid $7.08 for both
Right now there is a deal at Target on some of the Emeregen-C where you buy 2 and get a $5 Target gift card. I did not get it and I will be checking with customer service tomorrow to see if i still qualify for that deal even if my items were on Clearance. I am not sure but the worst thing they will say is no so therefore it is worth a try.

Three Venus Swirl razors with one refill originally priced at $10.99
On sale now for $6.49
Used (2) $3.00/1 Venus Swirl
Used Walgreens Card Manufacture coupon for $3.00/1 Venus Swirl
Paid $10.47
I got $2.00 Checkout 51 rebate on one of the razors


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9 thoughts on “College student brand new to coupons”

Love this haul. I am doing it for the same reason. Going back to school 20 days (ekkk) and I know between work full time and school full time I will not have the time to be shopping for things when they are needed. I am trying to build up bathroom stuff and I am going to focus on that for the next week. My fiancee is good for the next couple of months for soap and redplum has some great coupons for axe and dove mens care stuff so i will get that. We will both get there.


Love this haul and even though I’m 29 something about it makes me wish I was back in college! Couponing is exciting and you will only get better and better. Good luck this semester!


Good job !!!!! You can save alot if you look for coupons and make a list of deals and items before you go to store with coupons already seperated but your doing great keep up the good work


For the viva paper towels, there is also a 75cent coupon for the smart source last week so if you go back there you could get the difference.
I’m in college too, trying to save money couponing! Good Job!


So good from middle school couponer 😃😃😃


Excellent job!!!


Download the target app and always scan there barcode and usually it will pop up whether it’s part of a gift card promo or not and you can always find an employee to also scan the items to tell you before you check out.


Even though items are on clearance at target more than likely if you buy the qualifying items you should still receive the gift card. I’ve been through this several times at my target. The gift cards will always ring up but cashiers are hesitant to give them to me since it was on clearance. They eventually get tired of arguing with me and I get my gift cards after I show and tell them that no where in their policy does it state that gift card promotions excludes clearance and even if a promotion did I would still follow the rules in the event of that. I’ve also learned the last year of couponing that you have to be picky which cashiers you go too, I only go to the cashiers now in the stores I shop at who I know, not personally but they have rang my past transactions up before and I know they are easy to deal with and they also know that if I see something wrong that I’m not just trying to pull a fast one on them and get something cheap or free if that’s the case. They trust me and show respect and patience and I do the same for them. Building a good relationship and being friendly to cashiers is very important and will get you further in the long run when something goes wrong at one point or another. However, I have had to deal with very rude cashiers at times and as hot headed as I am I have had to learn to keep my cool when dealing with those people and not waste time arguing over why the coupon beeped or whatever the reason may be. A lot of my experience with the rude employees has a lot to do with they think it’s wrong when your total is $100 and then after all discounts/coupons you end up paying close to nothing. But that’s how some people think and you have to overlook them and go above their heads sometimes. Most of time it’s better to just cancel the whole order and go to a different register or wait another day. That’s why it’s best to be nice to cashiers, prepared and patient with them as well and to always stereotype cashiers lol. I hate that word but that’s basically what I do, I look for the nicest one or the young guy/girl and not the older woman who looks like she hates the world! Good luck and have fun! Sorry I wrote a book but things I know now I wish someone would’ve told me when I started out!


Great job!