Here I paid $15.74 (OOP, before taxes) for $57.06 worth of product!

I broke my transactions into three, which I ended up not needing to (I’ll point out my “mistake”). Also, you might not get so lucky, so I’ll point out Target’s “mistakes”. Here we go!


Bought two 3-pack of Green Works wipes, reg $6.99ea on clearance for $3.48ea—$6.96+

Used 30% off Cartwheel which brought down my price to $2.43 ea—-$2.10-

Used 2 MFR $.75/1 from the Greenworks website (must review a product for coupon)—$1.50-

(Comes out to $1.68 a pack, or just $0.56 a canister!)

Bought 4 boxes of Market Place fudge cookies, reg $1.42 a box, on sale for $1.27ea—$5.08+

Used $1/$5 Target Mobile coupon—-$1.00-

Used 5% off Cartwheel which brought down my price to $1.20ea—$0.28-

(Comes out to just $0.95 a box! These are seriously SO YUMMY!)

Bought two KY Jelly (2oz), reg 3.04 on sale for $2.73—-$5.46+

Used 2x MFR $2/1 from insert——-$1.46-

(Comes out to just $0.73 a bottle!)

Bought 3 Off Itch and Relief sticks $2.08 ea—–$6.24+

Used 2x MFR $1.25/1——-$2.50-

Used 1x MFR $.75/1——$.75-

*Special Promotion: buy 3 get $5 Target Gift Card*

Now here’s the first glitch. I read that I could use a 30% Cartwheel offer on top of this for a deduction of $1.86. It did not work. I think that’s because the Cartwheel offer specifically says insect repellent! My cashier was SUPER nice and gave me the $1.86 discount anyway. No promises that it would work for you!

Discount because my cashier was awesome—-$1.86-

Toal OOP: $9.55 before taxes

Received $5 in Target Gift Card


Bought 4 Ziplock Sandwich bags, 40ct @ 2.29 ea——$9.16+

used 2 MFR $1.50/2——-$3.00-

Subtotal: $6.16

Paid with $5 GC from last transaction: -$5.00

Total OOP: $1.16

Now, here’s mistake number two. I read online that buying 4 ziplock sandwich baggies would trigger a $2.75 catalina for my next order. IT DID NOT. My cashier(s) (there were two at this point!) were SUPER nice and checked thoroughly. NO catalinas! The cashier reminded me that the coupons are regional and change everyday! You have been warned!

TRANSACTION #3 (Although at this point you see I really didn’t need three!)

Bought 2 bags of Gorton’s Smart and Crunchy fish (what a weird name!), on sale for $3.99 ea—-$7.98+

Used 25% Cartwheel, reduced my total to $2.99 ea—–$2.00-

Used  2 MFR $1/1 from the Gorton’s website——$2.00-

(Comes out to just $1.99 a bag!)

Bought 4 Wet n’ Wild Eyeshadow, reg. $0.94——-$3.76

Target sale: BOGO1/2 (only worked ONCE!)—–$0.47-

Used 4 MFR $1/1————————————-$4.00-

(Comes out to $-0.17 ea, see below!)

Bought 4 Wet n’ Wild Nail Polish, reg. $0.94——$3.76

Target sale: BOGO1/2 (did NOT work! 🙁 )——-$0.00-

Used 4 MFR $0.50/1————————–$2.00-

(Comes out to $0.44 ea!)

Here’s Target’s “mistake” I have read that Target does NOT allow overage on coupons, however, I have tested this policy a few times including the example above, and every time it did apply the overage from a MFR coupon to the rest of the items in my basket. This is also why I did NOT challenge customer service on the BOGO1/2 Wet n’ Wild cosmetics XD

Total OOP for transaction #3: $5.03


Total Spent at Target: $15.74, not too bad!



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One thought on “Complicated Target Run paid off with $39 in savings!”

Nice job


The overage has happened to me before without me even realizing it until after I walked out of the store, which is surprising since I was once told by a cashier they couldn’t give me overage on remaining purchases.