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CVS 66cents out of pocket


Went to CVS and here’s what i got(I used 2 cards)
trans 1(started with 13.62 ecb’s)
Crest pro health Rinse 5.99
1 oral B floss 2.77
1 Oral B toothbrush 2.77
2 cover girl Mascara’s 8.99
Coupons used
CVS 1$ off one toothbrush
CVS 4$ off 12 Cosmetics
bogo coupon for mascara took off 8.99
1x 1$ off rinse
1x.75 off floss
ecb ,4,3,1.87,
total 29.51 after Q’s=.42 with tax
got 5 ecb,4 ecb
transaction same card
1Crest rinse 5.99
coupons- rolled 5Ecb from 1st trans and used .75ecb= 24cents after Q’s
got 5 ecbs back(now have 13ECB’s left)
Trans 3(second card)Started with 17.62ECB’s
1 speed stick 2.99
2 crest mouth rinse 5.99×2=11.98
2 oral b floss 2.77×2=5.54
2 cover girl mascara=8.99×2=17.98+5 Beauty club=22.98ecb
1 travel toothbrush 1.25
Coupons used-
2x 1$ off crest rinse
2x .75 cents off oral b floss
1$ off speed stick
bogo cover girl mascara 8.99
CVS Q’ 1$ off any toothbrush
CVS Q 4$off 12 cosmetics
ECB’s 4,4,4.3,1.87
total=39.74 after q=0 op
got 10ecb,4ecb,2ecb(now have 21.75ecbs left)

Over all spent 66cents and still have plenty of Ecb’s for next time.

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