Paid $23 and change OOP then received $10 extra bucks!! So, $13 for All of this!!!

Coupons used
Used 5 $1/1 tide from 10/9 (my sister bought 2 tide detergents) there is a limit of 4 identical coupons per day for the tide coupon just FYI.

Used 2 $5/2 tresemme shampoo and conditioner
9/25 ( received $5 extra bucks when u spent $15)

Bought baby wipes
Spend $20 and get $5 extra bucks ( I received $5 extra bucks)

Also used $10 off cvs coupon when you spend $40 that I got by email.


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5 thoughts on “Cvs”

I post on my iPhone and I am subscribed to multiple Sunday paper carriers:)


How did you get 5 coupons?
For some reason is not working for me


I know the question is not for me but i have posted a couple brags from my mobile.


Do you post your brags on phone or computer? I have posted 4 brags on my phone and none of them have ever gone live. I want to share my shopping with someone!!! Lol


Giant has the tide on sale for $1.99 use coupon from 10/9 total are .99cents each