I started with 10 ECB and did 2 transactions. First transaction bought 2 twin pack Colgate, s scope, 2 ocean cranberry juices that I forgot to put in the picture and the Gillette shaving cream. Used 2 off Colgate twice plus 2 off cvs coupon. 1 Gillette coupon and 2 0.75 for scope now there is a 2 dollar coupon will make it even cheaper. Also used my 10 and 6 of ov 30. Paid 7 something with tax. Got 18 back in ECB.
Second transaction I got tp, paper towels, 2 Palmolive, 3 Kleenex and one detergent. Used 15 of my ECB from the first transaction the cvs app coupons for each item 1,1,1,0.50 and 0.25 and 0.65 for tp, 0,65 for paper towels and 0.50 for Kleenex. Had to pay 1.87 including tax and got 5 ECB back. I now have 8 ECB. So spent a total of around 10 dollars could be better with the 2 dollar scope coupons.