Today I went to CVS and realized that I should have taken a nap before going.  I wanted to do the deal with the Dove body wash where you spend $30 and get back $10 but things weren’t working out so well.  Here was my thought…


Buy (4) Dove body wash which was on sale B1G1 50% off.

I thought I would use the coupon in today’s paper for B1G1 Free but it wasn’t going to allow me to get the $10 ECB’s because with their sale the amount wouldn’t exceed $30.  I only had 2 coupons since I buy 2 papers.  So I had already given my coupons to the cashier before realizing this deal wouldn’t work.

The cashier was nice enough to put my coupon amount on a gift card which gave me $11 to spend.  So I did this deal…

Buy (2) Colgate 360 toothbrushes at 3.99 each get $4 ECB

– $2 off CVS coupon mailer

– $2 manufactured coupons

Buy (2) Tresemme and (2) Suave shampoos spend $15 and get back $5

– (2) Suave coupons B1G1 FREE

– (1) Tresemme coupon get $5 off

(expired today)

I didn’t get ECB’s from this deal.  I’m telling you.  I needed a nap!  I thought my total was going to be $16 and it only came to $14.

TOTAL OOP = .18 after using the gift card and I was able to get $4 ECB

Anyways, this is just another reason to shop at CVS.  They are always so nice and they give you the upper hand in a deal.  I asked the cashier multiple times if it was okay for him to give me this gift card and he assured me that it was because I lost my coupons.  I very rarely misuse or lose coupons so I didn’t realize they did this.  I was highly impressed with his service!


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Agreed. I love CVS SOOO much! At one of the stores near me, an employee told me that the manager trains everyone on how to properly use coupons and explains to them that customers who use coupons at cvs is a really good thing. I thought that was way cool.