Al this for 9.67 at Cvs
8 boxes cereal On sale for 1.99
But 15 get 5.00
Used 2/2.00 on 4 Kellogg’s
And 1.00 in two boxes of cereal in my app
2 almay 8.99 original price
On sale buy one get one 50% off
Used 4.00 on 12.00 in almay in the app
( forgot to use my 5.00 on 2 almay from 😭😭😭)
Got 2 Colgate total 3.99 original price
On sale buy one get one 50% off
And 2 Colgate 360 5.49 original price
On sale Buy one get one 50% off
Spend 10 get 5.00
Use 2/1.00 Colgate tooth paste from
And 2/0.75 on Colgate tooth brush from
2.00 on Colgate total from the app
2.00 on 2 Colgate tooth paste from the app
2.00 on Colgate 360 tooth brush from the app
Got 2 loreal ever pure 7.49 each
Buy 2 get 4.00
Used 3.00 on 15.00 of shampoo in the app
And 2/2.00 loreal expertise from
And used 5.00 on beauty from the app
And 5.00 on 15.00 just for you
Did two transaction spend 3.95 in first one for 5.00 extra bucks I used on second transaction
Spend 14.62 in second one got 9.00 in extra buck
That comes to 18.57 but I still have 9.00 in extra bucks


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5 thoughts on “Cvs my favorite”

I thought the cereal didn’t go on sale until tomorrow?


Wow that’s amazing!!! How do you get coupons from the app?




Thank you 🙂