Still new to all this, but still pleased.
Purex 50oz on sale 1.99 X2
>there is a coupon for $1/1 but it wasn’t in my paper< so it could be .99 ea.
Colgate 2.99 – 2 MFR $1/1 = 1.99 ea. – the $2 extabucks is like getting for .99 ea.
2 Reeses Puffs 1.88ea. – 2 MFR Reeses puufs coupon .50/1
Reeses and Toast Crunch 1.88ea. – 1 MFR GM coupon $1/2
And cvs $1 off 3 boxes cereal
Total 4.52 for cereal

Total for all $12.48 plus the 2 extabucks is like getting it all for $10.48

Target –
4 Dove Clinical reg. $7.89
Online sale honored by store for $2.21
Plus $5 GC for buying 4

Total $3.84 using the $5 GC

These break downa are not including taxes

Hope I got all the Math right. Sorry if I didn’t.

The with tax price was
Cvs $13.23 plus $2 extabucks
Target $9.13 without $5 GC
$4.13 with $5 GC use


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3 thoughts on “Cvs and Target newbie haul”

The $1 off coupon for purex was for the bigger size, there was one for .50 for the 1.99 purex. Also, wereyou able to use the GC right away towards your purchase? ??
But overall, I think I you did good 😉


No. I tried to use the GC right away, but I was told they won’t work on the purchase you received it from.


I did use a 5 GC from a previous purchase though.