At Rite Aid I purchased:
2 bottles St. Ives body wash
2 St. Ives face scrub
1 Irish Spring body wash

Paid 5.39 out of pocket (including tax)
Received $6 in plenti points

First transaction
2 bottles suave hair care products
1 Square credit card reader
1 Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste

paid 15.11 including tax
received 13.99 in EBs

Second Transaction:
3 Charmin Basic bath tissue (12 pack)
3 Puff’s Tissue (singles)

Paid .22 (including tax) Used my EBs from first transaction and another $5 eb I had from last week.
Received $5 EB for next purchase

Paid 20.xx oop and received $11 back in points and EBs

Like paying $9 for 15 items