Colgate clearance!
Colgate toothpaste $2
$2 coupon

Colgate toothbrushes $1
Used $1 coupon from ss 2/21

White cloud cotton balls $.88
Used $1 coupon
$.12 moneymaker

Good earth chai tea $2.48
Used $1 coupon from their website
Submitted $1.25 Ibotta
Paid $.23

Nature valley biscuit 2.50
Used .50 ss coupon
Submitted $.75 Ibotta
Paid $1.25 for my favorite breakfast!

Banana $.28
Submitted $.25 Ibotta
Paid $.03

Bought 4 bags of abound popcorn $1 each
Used 2/$2 off two coupons
Paid nothing
(Split into two transactions)

Colgate toothpaste $3.39
Used $2 Colgate coupon from ss 2/21
Used $1.50 cvs Colgate app coupon

Bought a valentine picture frame 1.25

Bought cocoa pebbles $1.99
Used $.55 coupons.com coupon
Submitted $.50 any cereal Ibotta
Totaling $1

Bought 2 scope $5 each
You get $4 extra bucks for each
Used 2/.75 off coupons.com scope coupons
Paid $.50

Everything totals to around $4
Happy shopping.

Semper Fi!


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2 thoughts on “Cvs/walmart run”

Love all your brags!!!!! So clear and to the point!!! More posts of your incredible saving skills!!!


You do some of the best ones I see on here