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DayQuil & NightQuil Stock-up

Karry Yeager

Kids & Stuff Oct. 2011 117
This is my 1st brag. I just had to share. Ok I went to Rite Aid today and on mark down was some DayQuil and NightQuil. I also seen a sign by the shelf that said 50 % off on top of the mark down. I also had $1.00 off coupons. Some has 12 ct, 20 ct, 24 ct and 1 big box of both DayQuil & NightQuil together has a 40 ct. I got 6 DayQuil, 1 NightQuil & one big box of both together for a total of 8 boxes. With taxes & doing 3 transactions it was $20.63. I’m very stocked up on this for cold & flu season. I so love couponing and I never wanna go back to doing my shopping without them. I didn’t clear their any shelfs there was alot of them left. My cashier said she might even go get her some because it was a great price even without the coupons.

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