I have already put away all the stuff that I picked up. There are many items on clearance really cheap at Dollar General right now, so run!!

  • Swiffer Wet Jet Starter Kit for 9.00 (normally 21.00) and used a 5.00/1 coupon from P&G
  • Charmin Bathroom Tissue 16 double rolls for 4.50 (normally 9.00) and used a 1.00 off coupon from P&G.
  • Lysol Flip-up Sweeper Normally for 3.50 normally 9.00 (no coupons- still a great deal!)
  • Glad Quick Tie Odor Shield Fresh Scent Trash Bags 40 count for 1.37 (except the boxes that say family size) (no coupon)
  • Jewelry Organizer 1.87 regular 5.00
  • Multi-Purpose bucket .50 regular 2.00
  • 8 pk tea light candles .25 (1.00)
  • Cars Birthday Party supplies for my son’s birthday in December!! -
  • Invitations- .50 (normally 3.00)
  • Tattoos- .25 (normally 1.75)
  • Treat bags -.50 (normally 1.50)
  • 20 pack Cars Straws- .37 (normally 1.25)
  • Decoration Kit- 1.00 normally (5.00)


Total before coupons & clearance sell= 47.00

Total OOP before Taxes= 10.61, so I saved 36.39 I am so excited!


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9 thoughts on “Dollar General Clearance Sale!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice job!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. nydrom28 says:

    Love it!!!! We only have a family dollar here..

    • Anonymous says:

      Really? In my area the Dollar Generals have multiplied like rabbits!! I live in a small college town (about 18,000 people) and we have 4 in the city plus 4 more on the outskirts of town–one in every direction headed out of the city. Oh, and we have 2 Family Dollar stores as well.

      • nydrom28 says:

        :( maybe because we have a dollar tree and 99c store in every town and a cvs on every corner… Plus rite aid and walgreens…… Idk why we don’t have a dollar general… It’s sad.. Lol.

      • Dayna says:

        I don’t see that many Dollar Generals in my area either. They seem to be sprinkled throughout, but we have Dollar Tree’s and 99 cent stores too. And the Dollar General’s that are around here are gross and dirty.

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t how they determine where to put what stores, but my husband and I comment that we wish we could have/would have bought stock in Dollar General because they are popping up everywhere! LOL! The new stores are nice and the older ones use to be gross and dirty but they are remodeling and cleaning them up to resemble the layouts of the newer ones.

  3. Hazel says:

    Good Job… So how do you know if they are on clearance. Is it marked down at the stores cause I haven;t seen a price scanner there. Thank you ! !

  4. avator11 says:

    Sweet deal :)