*This picture is missing the future FREE 8 deodorants I will be getting from Walgreens! The sure and Brut deodorant on sale for $1 each were out of stock, so I got rainchecks. I’ll use my $1/1 coupons and get them free. Thanks KCL!

My drugstore haul for $2.48!! (You can’t even buy one of these products for that price)

Walgreens: Transaction #1: 2 Aussie hair care products. They were pretty picked over but I found some I wanted. On sale for $2.50 each when you buy 2. Used a Walgreens mobile coupon for $4/2. Paid $1, got back $2 register reward!! = $1 moneymaker

Transaction #2 (had to split it up in order to get RR both times because Aussie and Herbal Essences are on the same promotion): 2 Herbal Essences. These were extremely picked over. No shampoo left. I got 2 conditioners. On sale $2.50 each wyb 2. Used $3/2 Walgreens mobile coupon. Paid $2, got $2 RR back! = FREE

CVS: Bought 4 cover girl eyeliners. They only had 1 left of the $4.19 cheapest one, but I prefer the $6.69 eyeliner better so I got 1 of the cheaper ones and 3 of the other ones. Total: $24.56. Used 4 $3/1 cover girl eye product and a $5/$15 purchase (CVS coupon in mail from new store opening). Total came to $8.85 with tax, then I got $5 extra bucks! So $3.85 at CVS.

*Oh and I also got a free 2 liter of Diet Coke! CVS coupon that came in the mail for new store opening.


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One thought on “Drugstore’s rock! $2.48 total cost at Walgreens & CVS!”

Any reason why this one is cut off half way?? I can’t see the CVS part about the eyeliner :/