Did 3 transactions. I used coupons for all items and EB from last week. 1st: 2 colgate mouthwash 2/$8 pepsi .99 4 garnier 3 each 1 trolli candy 1 colgate toothbrush 3.49. Total before Qs 10.24 -10EB=.24 taxes .84 got back 10
2nd:1 scope 4.99 1 eucerin body lotion 10.99 1 eucerin slin calming cream 8.99 1 schick razor 10.99 total before Qs 35.96 used 30%off and MQs and CVS app. Used 16 EB subtotal 0 tax 2.01 got back 18
3rd: 4 jumbo pampers 4 baby wipes 2 gold emblem chips. I don’t know the total before coupons. But I used the MQs for free wipes used 31 EB and 5off 25 diapers and a cvs Q for the chips. Subtotal 0 tax 3.14. Got 10 back and 5 in beauty rewards.
Not bad at all (: love to spend my hard earned EB and my daughter loves to eat the free candy!:)


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One thought on “Early morning at cvs”

BTW got my free movie ticket from Schick 😀