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EOS Moneymaker


Transactions 1-5:
2 EOS Lip Balm: 2/$6
(Used 2 $2 peelies on each package)
Total with tax: $2.56 ($12.80 for all)
Received $4 RR ($20 RR total)
= $1.44 Moneymaker ($7.20 for all 5 transactions)

Transaction 6-7:
Listerine: $4.99
Total with tax: 5.45
Used $4 RR
OOP: $1.45 ($2.90 for both)
Received $4 RR ($8 RR total)

Transaction 8:
Crest Toothpaste: 2/$7
(Used 2 $0.75 MC)
Caramel (Filler): $0.33
Total with tax: $6.51
Used $4 RR
OOP: $2.51
Received $4 RR

Transaction 9:
Off! Clip On: $8.99
(Used $1.50 MC and $1 WC)
Spongebob Milk Straws: 3/$1.32 (clearance)
Caramel: $0.33
Total with tax: $9.01
Used $8 RR
OOP: $1.01

Spent $19.22 OOP and got back $20 on the EOS alone. Then used it to pay for other items. I walked out of there with $12 RR still left in my pocket, which is like getting everything for $7.22 (tax included)!

I also posted the receipt from the EOS transaction. The peelie DOES work on the lip balm (since there is speculation that it is just for the lotion). My coupon did not specify that it was for the lotion (at least not that I could find), although it did have a picture of the lotion on it. I tried it, it worked.

Sorry so many posts, but I can’t figure out to edit a post or change pictures and the other photos were too small!

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