Transaction 1

2 Kotex 22 count= sale 6.58 for both
Used 2-2/1 mc
$2.58 and received $2ecb
Total .58 cent for both

4x 2.99 (went on Saturday night)
Used -1.50 crt that everyone got
-$2 ( 4 x .50 mc)
1 toothbrush
3.49 used .50 mc and .50 crt
4off14 app coupon applied
Received 6 ecb for Colgate and
2 for toothbrush (last weeks deal)
So $1 mm for toothpaste and brush

Used crt for 30% off lotions
And it only applied on 2
They’re the same exact thing but 2 hang and the other two does not.
Also two didn’t track, I’m amusing its the hanging one.
They printed my ecb for me though.
Used 4×3/1 coupon -12
30% off lotions crt. – 3.89
Total 10.12 received 10 ecb
So .12cent for all 4

-71 30% lotions applied
1.66 plus received $5ecb
3.33 mm

Paid with 21 ecb and .26 plus tax oop
Total. $24.18 with tax
Received $25 ecb

Transaction 2
Buy one get one 1/2 off
Cerave lotion and baby wash
10.99×2 – 5.50 sale
6.99×4 – 6.99 sale
-8 (2 4/1 baby carave mc)
-12 (4 3/1 cerave any product)
– 2 ecb for filing out a survey
– $5 just for you email coupon

Total $10.44
Paid with Aquaphor ecb
.44 plus tax = 1.87
Received $10 ecb

Came in with 21 ecb
Paid 5.05 oop mainly tax
Left the store with $25 ecb
$1.05 for over $100 worth of Stuff!
Should be getting $5 more beauty bucks!

This morning my husband did the Nivea deal
And used $2 off 2 lotions crt, it worked! just in case anyone is wondering.
Over $4 mm if you have that crt!
And free Nivea!


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7 thoughts on “Everything For A $1.05 After Tax at CVS!”

I see a lot of “print SS” and received and payed with “ecb” could someone please tell me what that means, thank you


What is crt


I looked at 2 stores for the Nivea and couldn’t find it at either store. What part was yours in?


Look in the section that has the Nivea lip and Chapstick. Should be in a plastic rounder? GL! : )


Found mine by the register:) hope you find them! There was a bunch at my store.


Thanks! I’ll be sure to look there, hate to miss out on a good deal like this especially when I love that kind!