2 dove shampoo
3 body wash and face wash
Used 2/2 body wash mc
1/2 face product mc
2/2 men’s shampoo
-$10 out of 17.50=$7.50

2 tide pods $9.98- 2/2 mc= $6

Paid $13.45 plus tax
Received 5rr for dove
And 5,100 points =$5 (20x points for spending more than $25 perk)
So total $3.45 plus tax for 7 items

Transaction 2
2×8.99 pull ups
1×8.99 huggies diaper pants
1×5.99 wipes
.39 air heads (filler item)
Total $33.35
-6.50 mc
-5 rr from dove transaction 1)
Paid $21.85
Revived $10rr+6,600 perk points plus
$6 Ibotta
So total= $4.85 plus tax
For 3 bags of pull ups and large pack of wipes. Best diaper deal I ever gotten!

Transaction 3
4 post cereals $10 used 3x .75( could’ve used one more but didn’t have anymore)
Total $7.75

1 poise pads $6.29-$2 wags coupon booklet and -$2 peely coupon
Total 2.29

1 Vaseline lotion
3 men’s face and body wash
1 suave lotion
Total $16.96
Used $9 in mc Total $7.96
Total for this transaction $18
Used $10 rr from huggies
= $8 plus tax received $8 in rr for dove and post cereal. And 6300 points, $2 poise rebate
So total paid for transaction 3
Is about $2 plus tax for 10 items!

Total for Walgreen haul is
43.30 oop plus tax
But still have
$8 in rr, 18,000 points, and $8 Ibotta rebates
$9.30 plus tax for all of it!
Even less if I redeem my 18,000 points all at once.( Worth $20)

Most of my oop money came from my
Savingstar rebates from an earlier cvs haul.


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3 thoughts on “Everything For Less Than $10 Plus Tax At Walgreens!”

My 20x points perk is saying its expired now and when I first got it the expire date was the 11th. It was valid the 9th thru the 11th and now it’s saying it expired on the 9th. So disappointed!


I would call cs, same thing happened to me, but they added the points. Next time I will ss my perk before adding it. They seem to be very glitchy.


Audrey, same deal will be available for the diapers next week, the perk will be on the ad. Hopefully the Ibotta will still be there next week. You will get 5,000 points for spending $30.