All items total $202.49. I used $44.78 in coupons, $51.20 EB, and $5 RR. I paid $35.02 with $16 EB, $6 RR, and 2000 bonus Balance Reward points = $11.02. That’s $.21 per item or $94% off!!! Thanks KCL!

4 Suave 3-in-1 shampoo
2 Tena active liners 26 ct
2 Schick Skintimate gel
2 Sharpie highlighters 4 ct
2 Lil nose saline spray
2 Calendula cream
2 caliber tape
4 Lady Speed sticks
4 Men’s Gear deodorant
8 CVS flossers

4 Angelsoft big roll toilet tissue
2 Lady Speed stick
2 Men’s Speed stick
4 Scrubbing bubbles toilet toilet gel
2 Scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner
1 Papermate mechanical pencil
6 Jelly belly pencil top erasers


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3 thoughts on “First Brag: 94% Off At CVS And Walgreens!!”

Can you break it down a little …like price and how much coupon you use per item ..and what RR and the other means ?


EB means extra bucks which are from cvs and RR are register rewards from walgreens


Here is some newbie advice for you: think of extra bucks like cash. If you used 51.20 and received only 22.00 back then it was like you paid 29.20 for it. If you receive more than you used, then that would make it a very good deal. You really paid way more for your items than you think.