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first time couponing at Target!


After watching your 101 video this am before work i ran to target to see what i could come up with.  I was all kinds of flustered and i see now how i could have done better but this is how my lunch hour went

1- goodnites reg 19.49 used 2.00 off mfg and 1.50 target coupon  (paid 15.99)

1 Colgate toothpaste at 4.24 on sale for 3.33 used one 1.00 MFG (had Target coupon to stack but cashier must not have entered in)  paid 2.33 should have been 1.33:(

1-herbal essn shampoo at 2.99 and received a 6.99 conditioner for free (mfg coupon) paid 2.99

1benifuls dogfoob 14.99 on sale for 13.99 using 2.00 mfg coupon  (paid 11.99)

2 Pull ups at 19.49 using 3.00 target coupon  (paid 35.98)

2 bertolli sauce at 1.99 each using 1.50 target coupon  (paid 2.48)

2 glad trash bags at 12.49 each but recived  a 5.00 gift card  (paid 24.98)

3 flintstone gummy vit.  13.29 buy 3 get 5.00 gift card and used 2/1.00 mfg  (39.87)

total savings with savings card $40.50  I paid 104.64 after 31.00 in gift cards.

I should have broken out my sales and paid less using the gift cards but lesson learned for next time.

Thanks KCL for all your tips, I’m getting there!

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