I wanted to get stocked up on men’s shampoo for my husband and i thought with the high value coupons, and dollar general’s Saturday only coupon ($5 off your $25 purchase) combined would make it a great stock up price! So i got 6 bottles of old spice 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, they were $3.75 each, I had one $4 off 2 from inserts, one $3 off 2 manufacturer coupon that came out of a Christmas gift set that hasn’t expired yet, and I had a dollar general mobile coupon for another $4 off 2, so $11 off in coupons for all the old spice. My total was $22.50 before coupons so I added 2 filler items, the glade warmer ($1.50) which i also had a 50 cent off coupon for that i used and I also got glade spray ($1) no coupons. My total was exactly $25, after $5 off and the rest of my coupons, my total was $8.50 before taxes! Then I realized I forgot to buy the gillete razor so i did a second transaction and I had planned on getting it and I forgot, so I went back to grab it, the razor cost $5.75 and there was a $3 off mobile dollar general coupon, so I paid $2.75, I still got it bc it was a good deal!