I’ve used coupons in the past.. but never at this level! I’m hooked! To get products that I will use for pennies is such a thrill! I purchased: 8 rolls bounty paper towels 2 boxes pampers 2 (12 double) rolls quilted northern TP 3 bags 35 count Tide pods 2 bottles dawn dish soap 2 glade candles 4 boxes ziploc bags various sizes 1 bag wipes 3 large boxes GM cereal For a total of $63.65!!! I’m so excited for my next couponing adventure and already have friends and family asking to help them save too! Spreading the love is fun and rewarding (in more ways than one!)


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2 thoughts on “First time extreme couponer= huge success at Target!”

That’s awesome!! What were the exact coupons, if you don’t mind me asking?


thats awesome how and where did you get the coupons for diapers? I have a little one too.