I went to Target to take advantage of the Dentastix deal and left with this…

6 – Glade 3.8oz candles

5 – Glade 6pk wax melts

2 – Glade automatic spray refills

2 – Glade scented oil refills

1 – Glade automatic spray kit

2 – 13.97oz Pedigree Dentastix

1 – Champion Resistance Band

Total before coupons, cartwheel, gift cards and credits was $124.27

All the Glade items were from the Fall line (love the Apple Tree Picnic scent) and were buy 5, get a $5 gift card.

I also got a $5 gift card for the Pedigree treats.

15% off Glade Fall scents

25% off Glade Wax Melts (which I don’t think was suppose to work on fall scents but did)

20% off Pedigree Dentastix

I got a $6.50 ibotta credit for all of my Glade items plus I unlocked two $1.00 credits with just this purchase

I got a $4.00 snap credit for the Pedigree dentastix

I don’t remember exactly which coupons I used, but I know I used three Target ones for the Glade items and one for the dentastix. The rest were manufacturer’s.

Total after coupons, cartwheel, gift cards and ibotta/snap credits was $41.81

I saved $82.46 or 66%

It sounds good to me but this is my first time stacking coupons combined with cartwheel, getting gift cards and doing the credits. The only thing that didn’t get any sort of discount was the resistance band but it was only $20.

Also my first time posting a brag. I was very proud of myself, especially since it was all unplanned.


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One thought on “First Timer at target”

Good job for first time


Good job!