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did this throughout the past week and a half id say with the help of my husband, best friend, and mother, no shelves were cleared, to be honest i live in a very small town so by the time i get to the stores in other cities they are normally cleared before i get to them! so surprisingly i made several trips to different stores and was able to score everything that i wanted and more:) all of this was free plus a moneymaker for the kotex, i was able to print from 12 computers so i was able to get 96 free kotex, i donate and our family shops as to what is called my store them:) i was able to score alot of free deals using rr, ecb, sales, and of course coupons:) $$$$525.76 all for FFFFRRRREEEEEEE!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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