I am sooo Happy I finally scored on some FREE vitamin water, How? I Found some coupons at several gas stations(so i would not take all of them at the same time) and been saving them for 2 weeks now… I was tempted to buy it on Ebay and good thing I waited. Didnt have to spend $ on coupons. went to 3 different store today to get all of the stuff.
I have a family of 6 so we will use all this,SODA free is always good.
Walmart:(No Shelves was cleared. Super walmart had a tons of this,even better when I got there the coke guy had more)

100x Vitamin water- $1.18 each PM to King Soopers ad for $0.49 each
used 50x $1/1 MQ= -$1.00 Overage

4x J&J First Aid Kit-$0.97 each
used 4x $1mq= -$0.12 Overage

2x Nestle Cocoa Mix- $1.00 each
used 2x $.55mq=$0.90

subtotal: $0.27 w tax $3.56

Target:(total out of pocket is $8.36 for 3 trans)

Trans #1
6x Covergirl Eye Shadow-$2.98 each
Used 2x $2.50/2 MQ
used 2x $1/1 MQ
used 3x $1/2 TQ
Paid $8.36 including tax and got 2 $5 target GC back

3x Covergirl Eyeshadow-$2.98 ech
used 1x $2.50/2 MQ
used 1x $1/1 MQ
used 1x $1/2 TQ
Paid $4.68 including tax (used 1 $5 GC from trans 1)
Got Back 1 $5 target GC back

Trans #2
2x Smucker Apple Jelly – $1.89 each
used 2x $.75 TQ+ $1.00/2 MQ
2x Heinz Ketchup – $1.99 each
used 2x $0.75TQ+ 2x $1 MQ
1x Kikkoman teriyaki sauce- $1.42
used $1 MQ
1x Cookies – $.89 (no coupons)
2x Nestle Cocoa mix- $1.09 each
used 2x $.55MQ
1x Ore Ida Fries- $2.50
used $1.00 MQ
2x Crisco- $1.99 each
used $1/2 TQ+ $1/2 MQ

Total $8.07 w/ tax used my Target GC’s and stilh had $2.25 left on one of them!!!

King Soopers: (10 item Mega Event save $5)
2x Vitamin water – $.49 each used $1mq(free)
6x Annies Mac&Cheese- $0.69 each used 4x$.75/2mq
2x Delmonte Veggies- $0.49 each
4x Zone Bar- $0.88each used 4x $.55mq(Free)
2x Tub of butter- $1.49 each used 2x$1mq
4x Hormel Kids Meal- $1.00each used 4x$.55mq(free)
4x Cranberry Jelly- $.99each used2x $1/2mq
4x Hormel Chili – $0.91each used2x $1/2mq

Total Paid $12.02

so I paid a total of $23.94 saving of $205+ for all this !!!
(one of my biggest haul ever!)