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Good deals!!


I went to Safeway/Rite Aid and Walmart and thi is what i got :
Safeway 4 general mills cereal boxes 2/$5 – 2 $1/2 MC
11 sports drinks $.59 ea no coupon though it was a good deal (not in pic)

Rite Aid : Nail polish NYC( were on sale)
Eye lash curler
2 Clairol Hair dyes on clearance and scanned 50% off clearance price used 1 $5/2 got them For free ! =)
Sammy styler $3.99 received $3 + up rewards
Reveived $4 + UP =)

Walmart: 4 Scotch brite disinfecting wipes BOGO
2 Kraft dressings $1.29 (price matched safeways price) used 2 $1/1
4 Glade sprays $2.00 used 4 $2 so were FREE!
2 ZEBRA pens $1.00 ea (price matched from staples) used 1 $2 final : FREE !
2 Glade sense & Spray refills BOGO
1 Palmolive dish soap used $1 MC

I was happy with my savings this week =) I wanted to do the shave gel deal at Rite Aid but did not have all the coupons for it =( o well hopefully another good deal comes. I price matched the dressings because I dont know if its just in my Area or other ppl are having the same problem but when i use online coupons they dont scan and cashier says if they dont scan they cannot punch in the coupon # because they get in trouble so I had to return the Kraft dressings but i price matched them at walmart and had no problem with my coupons there. Cashier at walmart was even impressed with my savings there she said she had to start looking into using coupons Im glad my walmart cashiers have been friendly so far because ive read about some that are not too happy to see couponers. It might be time consuming but well worth it with savings we can get =)

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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