Rite Aid-
1) Three Nivea Men’s shave foams- I meant to buy 4 but they only had 3. They were $3.29 each and I had three $2 in-ad Rite Aid coupons plus two $2/2 coupons from coupons.com. The cashier wasn’t supposed to use the second $2/2 one but I accidentally handed it to her by mistake and she manually put it in for $2 off (win, I think!). So that was a moneymaker of $0.13!

2) CeraVe Baby moisturizing cream $9.99 and CeraVe Baby wash and shampoo $4.99. Buy one get one 50% off. I had two $4/1 CeraVe Baby coupons from 8/7 Sunday paper. Plus got $3.00 in Plenti Points making them $1.99 each.

3) Not pictured, one Got2B hairspray on sale for $3.99. Had a $2/1 coupon and submitted a $2 rebate on Ibotta. Plus received $2.00 in Plenti Points. Moneymaker of $2.01!

1) Four 1.75oz Pond’s cream that retailed for $1.47. Saw another post on here of someone who did this deal so thank you!! I had two $3/2 coupons from 8/7 Sunday’s paper. I had to get the cashier to manually put in the second coupon. These are technically in the travel items section, but the first coupon I handed her rang up and the second one didn’t so I had to speak with a supervisor in order to get her to take it off. So this was a moneymaker of $0.12!

2) Two CeraVe Renewing Foot Creams on sale for $5.00 each. Had two $3/1 off any CeraVe product coupons making them $2.00 each. Retails for $8.97.

3) Not pictured, 6 Herbal Essence shampoos/conditioners that were on sale for $2.50 each. Had 3 $4/2 coupons making them $3 total for all six.

4) Garnier Fructis Leave-In Conditioning Cream retails for $2.96. Had a $1/1 Coupon making it $1.96. Normally I wouldn’t pay that much for it but I haven’t been able to find it for awhile and I really wanted it! 🙂

5) Two CeraVe healing ointments retail for $3.73. Price matched to Walmart.com for $3.36 and had two $3/1 off any CeraVe product making them $0.36 each.

6) Not pictured, four Suave kids 2-in-1 Peach shampoo retail for $1.88 each and had a $1/1 coupon making them $0.88 each.


1) Four Crest mouthwashes on sale for $2.99 each and part of a deal this week for buy $10 in Crest products, get $6 in RR (Register Rewards). I had four $1.25/1 Crest mouthwash coupons. Making it $6.96 for all 4 plus $6 RR so $0.96 for all!

Total OOP- $36.87 with $2 Ibotta rebate+ $5 in Plenti Points+ $6 RR for a total of $23.87 for 29 products! Making it $0.82 a product overall!


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6 thoughts on “Great haul!”

Ponds coupons says excludes travel size ….how can we use this coupon?


Got back $16.24 from just the razors at Walmart gotta love Walmart looking forward to this sun paper lol


Also at Walmart I got the 2 pk bic razors they were .97 I used the $3/1 coupon 8 xs in 2 transactions and got back $16.74 which I then applied to end of my transactions and the ponds got 12 of those in 3 transactions and icyhot 1ct patch xs 12 overage on all of it making it all free and it paid for my other coupon stuff like the extra detergent suave kids shampoo + cond and suave herbal essence and Aussie I paid $6.36 for 12 icy patches, 12 pinds 1.75oz, 8 razor pks of 2, 12 herbal essence, 4 Aussie, 8 bic pencils, and 8 bic pens, and 12 bottles xtra final paid pop $6.36 love walmart


Please explain how you got back $16.74???


Awesome,I’m trying to learn how to use these coupon apps. And newspaper coupons combining them together does every store accept this combination? ?


Well the apps are for after you make purchases at the store. So for example- you purchase a Rimmel lipstick for $7.00. There’s a $2.00 rebate for Walgreens on Ibotta. You pay $7.00 in the store (unless you have manufacturers coupons or store specific coupons) and then take a picture of your receipt and you’ll get $2.00 back through PayPal or another form. So you don’t combine the newspaper coupons and the rebates. The best combination is Target where you can use Cartwheel plus manufacturers coupons plus target coupons all on one product and then get a rebate after. That’s the best so far!