One of my better hauls recently 😄

•15 boxes of cereal
•3 Snickers bars
•2 packs of razors (24 total)
•16 juice boxes
•5 packs of diapers (133 total)

Retail: $83.69
Out of Pocket: $34.44
Savings: $49.25 or 59%

#coupons #extremecouponing #budget #sahm


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2 thoughts on “How a SAHM Coupons!”

How do i learn to coupon. And can u use more then one coupon on each item


I use a lot of Facebook pages and apps (like this one) to tell me what the deals are! Once I figured out the basics, it’s actually pretty easy!

And no, you can’t use more than one coupon on each item. It’s one coupon per item. I hope that helps!