Today I went shopping for school supplies at Staples(I know my store says cvs but there wasn’t an option for staples). I intended to buy enough supplies for two high school students and I made a list ahead of time for what I needed and was able to find everything I needed. Most of the things were either on the “less list” or in front of the store where they have discounted sale items for school supplies. I had a hard time trying to find the three subject notebooks, however, so my mom and I asked the sales clerk and he showed us where they were. They were not labeled correctly and I needed 8 of them so the sales clerk was generous enough to change the price of the “accel” ones to the same price as the regular generic version. Because all of our supplies were on sale, our total bill came to 21.63 and our total savings from our visit almost tripled that being $62.46! I’d say we made out well this year.